Creating harmony in our world

Recent events in our corner of the world, have highlighted for me our responsibility as parents and educators to teach our children about cultural inclusion and equity for all.

Our children are brought into the world knowing nothing but unconditional love and acceptance, both for themselves and others. It is up to us to consider messages that our children are receiving in our culture that is contrary to this basic way of being. Yesterday was Harmony day in Australia, a day to focus on and celebrate the multitude of cultures that make up our wonderful and diverse country. At kinder we have focused on some ways that we engage with and respond to different cultural celebrations, and we invite the opportunity to continue to examine the value and richness that diversity brings to our lives.

Some ways that we can encourage this thinking is to consider some of these questions at home:

What is diversity? What are some of the ways that people can be different from each other?

All the same: What things make us the same?

What is Harmony Day? What does harmony mean? What are some examples of harmony in nature/in the world?

Family diversity: Who is in your family? Talk about how families are the same and different.

Diverse stories: Read and listen to stories depicting a variety of people, cultures and lifestyles.

My groups: Talk about all the groups to which you belong eg team, family, friendship group, hobby. What things help you to feel you belong?

We will continue to explore these themes, as we attempt to embed cultural sensitivity and diversity into our curriculum. This may mean challenging our current beliefs that are potentially standing in the way of peace, acceptance and the sharing of our individual gifts, regardless of race, gender, religion, ability of sexual preference.

In the words of the Beatles; "All we need is love"

An important message to consider today and always.

Belinda Quinn

Kindergarten Teacher

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